Village Cafe For Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Seaport Village is a coastal neighborhood that feels more like a village in southern Europe than a hub nestled in downtown San Diego. Whether you’re a native or visiting San Diego for the very first time, there’s not much better than coming here to grab a bite and gaze out at the Pacific. Seaport Village Cafe, a long-time landmark here, has helped create this ultimate vacation atmosphere through its food and drinks, which are served morning through night.

We’re in an area well-known to tourists and travelers, but, as a local staple, are proud to retain our down-to-earth, community vibe. You can feel it with our beach-inspired atmosphere, helpful staff and prices for a good meal in this neck of the woods! It’s also why we offer a punch card, letting card holders get a free sandwich after each time they’ve gotten ten.

For a Central,
Seaside Breakfast

The historic Seaport Village Cafe is perfect for visitors seeking an easy-going, oceanside breakfast. For tourists staying in downtown San Diego at nearby hotels like the Manchester Grand Hyatt or Marriott Hotel and Marina, the Seaport Village Cafe is only a short stroll away. (This eatery is at the back of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, so it’s extra prime for tourists and business travelers staying there.)

From 8 to 11 am, come choose from a selection of pastries, omelette sandwiches, bagels and bagel sandwiches. Whether you’re a vegetarian interested in the veggie omelette sandwich, a carnivore craving a ham-packed breakfast or a seafood lover wanting a smoked salmon lox bagel, there’s a little something for everyone.

Need Something Extra
to Kick Start Your Day?

Between our diverse espresso, coffee and tea offerings, there are many ways to get caffeinated. These drinks are served throughout the entire day, hot or iced. So if the wind picks up, a toasty mocha (made with Ghirardelli chocolate, of course), warms folks right up. And if the sun gets strong, our iced white chocolate mocha is known for hitting the spot.

Maximize your time alongside the ocean by enjoying your meal and beverage outside on our patio. Tuck into a satisfying breakfast sandwich while breathing in exhilarating sea air to produce a superb SD vacation moment, even if you’re actually here to attend a conference that starts at the San Diego Convention Center in an hour.

Interested In A Freebie?

Come Visit Today and make sure to check in on Yelp before ordering, show us and get a free soda! Pepsi anyone?

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